When You Need to Hire A Bartender, Were Available!

The Wedding Beverage Service

Wedding bartenderIf you’re planning your own wedding beverage service you will need to make sure you have some one else serving beverages to your guests. You should make sure to hire a bartender to handle the task of tending bar. Typically, one professional bartender can handle up to 80 individuals; however, if you want to allow him or her sufficient time to interact with your wedding guests, then hiring a second bartender may be an excellent idea. While a 2nd bartender will cost a bit more, you don’t want any of your guests to feel bored or unimportant at the bar. If you’re anticipating around 70 visitors, then employing a second bartender will make them feel welcome. They will spend more time mixing with the other guests and less time standing at the bar waiting for a drink. Remember More is better when your having FUN!.