When You Need to Hire A Bartender, Were Available!

Party Servers and Event Servers

Party Servers and Event Servers

Jul 22, 2013

SF Bartender For Hire, we do events!


SF Bartender For Hire is tailored to handle a wide variety of events, large or small. Office parties, music celebrations, anniversaries, birthday parties, what ever the event or celebration, SF Bartender For Hire is there to make your guests smile!

Small Event Temporary Staffing
SF Bartender For Hire can provide servers to assist with your office open home, home birthday party, Luau, or any other special occasion you may be having. Even if you just need just a couple of people to help you we have your back. Our uniformed and professional staff arrive with a smile, and keep the smiles going throughout the entire occasion. The effortless means we take to make your event a success like, keep your place clean, the party rolling, and let you enjoy the occasion without a worry keeps the anxiety away so you can enjoy yourself.

Large Venues Temporary Staffing
SF Bartender For Hire offers total event staffing, serving, and bar planning for bigger events. We provide all the equipment, such as service trays, bars, icing bins, glassware, consumables, trash disposal devices, and more. When the lights go down, and the program starts, SF Bartender For Hire exists to make the occasion fantastic … putting those strategies into action for your visitors!

Party Servers and Event Servers
Unique Promotions and Fundraisers
Whether a politcal fundraiser, a charitable event, a new product roll-out, or just a huge party, SF Bartender For Hire can match the service to the style. Talk to an SF Bartender For Hire occasion expert about your event’s unique demands.

Whatever your occasion, SF Bartender For Hire makes your party terrific!